•I really enjoyed taking the class and bonding more with Bella.  The instructor Katie was wonderful. She is a natural pet lover and takes time with every dog in the class. Thank you Katie for making this class fun to come to.

•They go above and beyond and love that they trained in Reiki as well. Let’s me know they care!

•Have a very nice facility and very nice people!

•Knowledgeable and friendly staff

•Very good trainers!

•Max and I love the classes! You have taught us so many easy to implement strategies and Max is soaking it all up. We look forward to continuing with K9 Connection indefinitely!

•This facility saved my relationship with my Dog..your patience and encouragment was awesome… . thanks for all your help …..:)

•I would definitely train at the K9 again. I’ve been training with my dogs there since 1997

•My dog & I really enjoy our time at K-9!

•I want to acknowledge Cris  for her patience and people skills. It is much harder to train people than dogs. She is super!

•Great experience, and encouragement during the challenging puppy phase. Thanks everyone!

•Our dog loves coming to class – you have a really nice atmosphere & I love that he gets one on one time with each new thing he learns

•Impeccably clean! Kind and respectful trainer.

Celebrating 30 Years!

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Trick Dog Training!

Saturday 6 week session starting soon!

Trick training strengthens the bond between you and your dog by building focus, clear communication and having fun!

Not only will the tricks be entertaining, but they will also qualify towards earning your dog the AKC trick titles certification!

So if you’re ready for some fun and some entertainment,
sign your dog up for trick dog class!!

 **prerequisite 2 levels of obedience**