Puppy Manners

6 Week Course

The foundation of your relationship with your new friend.(12 weeks to 6 months) You will learn skills to become the focus of your new puppy’s world. The key to training a young puppy is to have attention on you before any thing else. From there we will work with you to teach your puppy to sit, down, come and stay as well as to walk on a loose leash without pulling. The puppies will have the opportunity to meet and play with the other puppies and people in a “controlled” environment.  This will help them develop their social skills as well as have a great time. To help develop their confidence, your puppy will also be introduced to an obstacle course with such things as puppy tunnels and ladders.  In addition to teaching your puppy basic obedience skills, we will also resolve the puppy bad habits like chewing, nipping, destructive behaviors and housebreaking.  Over all, you and your puppy will learn to have fun together while your puppy is becoming a well-mannered family member (pre-registration required)

Basic Obedience

6 week course

The starting point for all dogs over 6 months of age.  You will learn skills to become the center of your dog’s world.   Whether your dog is an adolescent or an adult, we will help you train your dog so that they clearly understand what is expected of them as well as teaching the pups to become model canine citizens. Exercises such as sit/down stay, coming when called and walking politely on a leash without pulling will be the focus of the class. Our aim is for you to enjoy your companion to the fullest and have fun while on the path to it. (pre-registration required)

Level II Obedience

6 week course

A second level class for those that have completed either a Puppy Manners or Basic Obedience class and know their dogs have a good foundation but are not solid on the basic exercises. Perfecting basic skills along with meeting and greeting people, leaving objects on command, group stays with distractions and continue to work and address behavioral issues.(pre-registration required)

Intro to Pet Agility

4 week course

This class introduces young dogs to the world of agility.  The class will still work with control issues such as come and stay but will move on to jumps, tunnels, seesaws and weaves. It is the start of a good exercise program for both you and your dog. Two Levels of Basic Obedience required prior to agility class (pre-registration required) VOTED BEST AGILITY TRAINING!


Canine Good Citizen

6 week course

Prepares your dog to take the ten step test offered by the AKC. It goes over basic obedience as well as putting your dog in a social situation with strangers and different dogs and teaching them to be model canine good citizens. Although the test is not included in the class, it is offered after each class completion at the K-9 Connection and after passing the test, your dog is awarded an official AKC certificate declaring your dog to be a Canine Good Citizen. This is also the first step you need to take if you are thinking of doing any therapy dog work.(pre-registration required) **prerequisite 2 levels of obedience**

Rally Obedience

4 week course

A fun dog sport designed for novice dogs and handlers to start off in the sport of obedience.  It is set up as a numbered course with signs to follow and exercises to perform at each station.  This is done on leash and encouragement of the dog is permitted.  You will learn to interpret the signs and teach your dog the exercises.   It is a great foundation for advancement into competition obedience or just to have fun! (pre-registration required) After the intro classes, Rally is offered on a drop-in basis weekly.  **prerequisite 2 levels of obedience**

Trick Dog Class

4 Week Course

Trick training strengthens the bond between you and your dog by building focus, clear communication and having fun!

Not only will the tricks be entertaining, but they will also qualify towards earning your dog the AKC trick titles certification!

So if you’re ready for some fun and some entertainment,
sign your dog up for trick dog class!!

 **prerequisite 2 levels of obedience**

K9 Sampler

4 week course

Not sure what class you want to take next? Try the K9 Sampler! A 4 week class with a little Rally and a little Agility. It’s a lot of fun!
**Prerequisite 2 levels of basic obedience classes**

Hide & Seek

4 Week Course

Hide & Seek is a positive, challenging activity that allows dogs the opportunity to use their strongest natural sense. Their NOSE!  It’s fun, engaging, and builds and strengthens a foundation of trust between the handler and their dog.  What dog doesn’t enjoy hunting for food?   **no prerequisites**

Competition Obedience

6 week course

Beginner Novice-If you’re thinking about making the leap from Rally to competitive obedience, Beginner Novice is the perfect transition for you and your dog. If you are completely new to dog sports, this is also a great place to start your journey. Learn all of the exercises needed for Novice-sit for exam, heeling for the competitive obedience ring and the sit sty exercise just to name a few.

Novice and Beyond-Learn competitive obedience heeling as well as handling methods needed to be a confident handler. Each Novice exercise will be broken down so dog and handler can develop a strong understanding they can take into the ring. This is a progressive class and as teams become more skilled with Novice, foundations for Open Obedience will be introduced.


by appointment only