Puppy Manners

The foundation of your relationship with your new friend.(12 weeks to 6 months) You will learn skills to become the focus of your new puppy’s world. The key to training a young puppy is to have attention on you before any thing else. From there we will work with you to teach your puppy to sit, down, come and stay as well as to walk on a loose leash without pulling. The puppies will have the opportunity to meet and play with the other puppies and people in a “controlled” environment.  This will help them develop their social skills as well as have a great time. To help develop their confidence, your puppy will also be introduced to an obstacle course with such things as puppy tunnels and ladders.  In addition to teaching your puppy basic obedience skills, we will also resolve the puppy bad habits like chewing, nipping, destructive behaviors and housebreaking.  Over all, you and your puppy will learn to have fun together while your puppy is becoming a well-mannered family member (pre-registration required)