Alexa and Ruby

Congratulations to Alexa and Ruby earning some

ribbons and 3 Q’s at a recent North American Dog Agility Council trial!

Way to show you 2!

Conditioning Workshop

November 12, 2017

10:00-2:00 at K9 Connection

In the introductory workshop handlers and dogs will learn the benefits of balanced training, learn the proper foundation exercises to start off right and get the most out of training sessions. Teach your dog how to engage their core while introducing them safely to equipment and exercises that will strengthen, increase range of motion and flexibility, and improve muscle tone, balance and endurance.  

*please note these exercises are geared toward healthy dogs with no physical problems or injuries. All participants should speak with their veterinarian before starting any exercise program.  

For more information on Carolyn, go to

Working Spot $100 and Auditing Spot $45.    Email to register


Best of Breed and Show

A fun weekend in NJ Doc, Fairmont N Speedway’s I Shot The Sheriff,

came home with a BOS win Saturday and  BOB and sporting group four under judge David Haddock

in his ring debut in the 4-6 puppy competition owner/handled by Lorena Clark

Kristi and Gus

Another great Rally team showing for the 1st time received

two 2nd place awards closing in on their Rally Novice Title!

Katie and Riley

Congrats to Katie and Riley showing in Rally for the 1st time and

receiving a 3rd and 4th placement working towards their Rally Novice Title!

AKC Companion Dog

Congratulations to Jerry and Denise for their lab Breakheart Hill’s Sweet Stuart earning the AKC Companion Dog

title by qualifying for his third leg at the Rhode Island Kennel Club trial on April 16, 2017.

MACH Title

CONGRATULATIONS to Richard and Zaeta for earning their recent MACH Title in Agility!

MACH Darling Hill Princess Zaeta Eclipse, CGC,RE,JH,CDX,CDX-C,MX,MXB,MXJ,MJB,XF,T2B

Rally Advanced Title


Congratulations to Linda and Pat on their Rally Advanced Title with

“Sparkie”-Irish Hill Heaven Sent RN

Trick Dog Certifications

CONGRATS to Dodi and Walter and pups earning their TKN (Trick Dog Novice), TKI (Trick Dog Intermediate), and  TKA (Trick Dog Advanced) titles.

Tooshie = U-RO3, U-GrCH, IC-CHSP, IC-CHI Mardovar’s Gonna Moon Ya CD, BN, RE, CCA, CGCA, TKA, THDN

Summer = U-GrCH Goldenway Mardovar’s Firefly CGCA, TKA, THDN, C-SN

Flyer = MBISS AmGCH-S. Birnam Wood’s Ray D. O’Flyer SDHF, CDX, GN, RAE, CGCA, TKA, THDN

Agility’s Tillie Mania!

TitleMania’s top overall 14″ performance dog, 2nd in Gamblers and Third in Snooker on the East coast!

SO proud of Julie and Tillie, her Snooker Bronze title and qualifying in Gamblers 3 times this weekend!

Trick Dog Certifications

CONGRATS to our trainer Kathy and these two special girls earning three AKC trick titles each!! Novice, Intermediate and Advanced!

Tanzy Nycoma Way Stellar Design CDX RN TKN TKI TKA CGC NJC TN-N
And Miss Crush proved to be just as “tricky”! Maritime Sweet Affinity CGC TKN TKI TKA

Creed is super excited! He earned his first title today…AKC Novice Trick Dog!!  Maritime Soul Belief TKN

The trick titles really are fun and they take practice and work – after all obedience actually is a whole lot of tricks

Trick Dog Training!

Saturday 6 week session starting soon!

Trick training strengthens the bond between you and your dog by building focus, clear communication and having fun!

Not only will the tricks be entertaining, but they will also qualify towards earning your dog the AKC trick titles certification!

So if you’re ready for some fun and some entertainment,
sign your dog up for trick dog class!!

 **prerequisite 2 levels of obedience**

Agility Title

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 8.02.19 PM

Congrats to Ocean and Cris!!! O definitely brought the FAST and earned his AKC Open Fast Agility title on Sunday. AND….he earned two places of the American Rottweiler Club’s Rally Obedience Top 10 for the 1st quarter of 2015! Ocean holds the #5 spot in Rally Advanced and the #4 spot in Rally Excellent! Good Boy O!!! 😀