Agility Privates

I’m super excited to let you know the K-9 Connection has asked me to come back for another day of private lessons on

Wednesday, June 20, and I wanted to share the opportunity to work together again with you.

As a trainer, it’s those “ah-hah!” moments that handlers have, that give me incentive to want to work with teams.  In the lesson that we had, I felt that in you!  I really hope the info was valuable, and if you’d like to set up another opportunity for us to work together, I’d be thrilled.

Lessons will be available at 10am11am12pm, and 1pm.  The cost is $95.
Please let me know if you’d like me to hold a spot for you, and I will.
Thanks again, and if you have any concerns or questions at all about the materials we worked on, contact me!
MACH 2 AKC and UKI World Team Member, Bare Cove Keep on Cruz’n (at the Bridge)
MACH 7 PDCH Himark’s Perfect Catch
MACH 6 PDCH Vers-NATCH Himark’s Karma Kazee
Jandale’s Make It Happen, puppy-in-training